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Quantifying Model Uncertainty to Improve Stream Flow Prediction for Geba Catchment, Uppertekeze River Basin, Ethiopia

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This study was conducted to predict stream flow at the outlet of the gauged Geba watershed and analyze the associated uncertainty that can affect its accurate prediction. Semi distributed HBV light model was applied to estimate stream flow of the Geba catchment and associated uncertainty through Monte Carlo Simulation procedure. The calibration…

Alligator Grass (Alternanthera Philoxeroides), A Nuisance Aquatic Plant but a Potential Feedstock for Biofuels Production

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Alligator grass (Alternanthera philoxeroides) is considered a nuisance aquatic plant. This biomass however has prolific growth and hence a potential feedstock for biofuels production. This biomass resource is considered an invasive species but will not compete with agricultural food or feed production. It can generate more than 7.85 tonnes of biomass per hectare (dry) and ….  Read More